If you get sick in Tanzania, don’t worry. All main cities have good and reliable hospitals, and it’s recommended to use them, at least for laboratory tests if there is a suspicion of tropical disease or infection.

For you as a traveler, it’s important to have a proper travel insurance, and if necessary we as your tour operator will assist you in deciding if medical evacuation is the best solution.

The recommended vaccines you as a traveler to Tanzania needs are:

For visitors that stay more than 3 to 4 weeks, or that go for special adventures to very remote areas, we also recommend the following vaccines:

If you need more information, check with your local physician, vaccination centre or similar.

There is only one reason to blame if you during your journey to Tanzania get infected by Malaria – YOURSELF!

First of all – the need to accept and respect the risk of getting infected by Malaria parasites’ will put you on the right track of how to avoid it. Listen to the advices you get, and follow the ABC of avoiding Malaria, then you’ll have all the best chances of avoiding Malaria.

A – Awareness of the risk, and the need to take precautions 

B – Bite protection, by avoiding outdoor activities after sunset without long clothes and use of DEET insect repellent on exposed skin. The right repellent to spray on your clothes is also a good idea. To make sure to sleep with impregnated mosquito net is also a must. 

C – Chemoprophylaxis; The use of prophylactic medicine is recommended to all our visitors, and the only one with the desired effect that we can recommend is Malarone or its equivalent available.

Anyway, should you get sick during your stay with us, we know the signs and symptoms, and as a number one rule; if you get fever, we check for malaria!

Malaria is well known in all of Tanzania’s hospitals, and they are the best at treating. The most important thing is not to be ignorant, believing this will never happen to you. Malaria is easily treated, if it is caught at an early stage.